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About Us

Academic Profiles has been analysing and visualising data for schools for over twenty years. In that time, many schools across NSW have come to trust and rely on our personal and professional services. 2019 saw a seamless transfer of management from Grant Prowse to Robin Nagy.

Robin Nagy


Robin has over 25 years experience as a teacher and in school leadership. He has taught in the UK, Thailand and Australia and as a Professional Learning Consultant for the Mathematical Association of NSW. Robin has two degrees in Electronic Engineering and extensive experience in data analytics and coding. Robin is also a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology at UNSW.

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What clients say - from our 2020 survey

"Academic Profiles have consistently provided excellent information that has helped us continue to review and refine our teaching and learning.It is crucial that our practices are based on the best possible data and analysis, and we look forward to continuing to work with Academic Profiles so that we can best serve the learning of our students."
Erica Thomas

Erica Thomas

Head of School

"Academic profiles provides a comprehensive report that assists our understanding of the results and helps the school make decisions for the future."

Michael Parker

Michael Parker


"Academic Profiles is as good as the almost meaningless league tables are bad. Academic Profiles tracks all the information that schools who really care about their kids actually want to know – how all students have gone compared to their ability, how all subjects have gone compared to the ability of the students in them and how the school has really performed. It presents it to you in a way that allows you to make improvements for students in future years. It turns the straw of raw data into something approaching gold."



Deputy Headmaster

"We find the data provided by Academic Profiles to be informative and accurate. We would recommend their services."



Dean of Studies

"The analysis of the results is comprehensive. Looking at the Value Added data (being able to compare how students perform compared to Year 10) is extremely useful in seeing what subjects students underperformed in. The data helps target areas for improvement. A very professional service. "

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